CRASH is a gathering of believers that look at "doing church" a little differently than most people in Western culture. We went to the book of Acts and tried our best to replicate what we saw the first believers practicing. We break bread (share a meal together), worship through singing, discuss scripture, and serve others.

We are striving to build a community of believers that extravagantly love others as Christ loved us. We want to encourage the body of Christ and be a beacon of light for a lost world.

Anyone is welcome to join us!




jon jackson

President & Co-Founder

Jon likes Jeeps, drinks alot of Mountain Dew, listen to Christian hip hop and has one dog named Gunnar. Jon is married to his beautiful wife, Vanessa, and has two adult children. Jon’s spiritual gift is service and he lives out his calling through “Love Your Neighbor” Projects locally and abroad. Jon has successfully started and led children, youth, and college ministries, as well as, serving as a campus pastor for a multi-site church. Jon enjoys consulting with other churches in the areas of leadership, planning events, vision casting and startup ministries. Jon reaches the hearts and lives of his audience through humor and practical life examples.

Fun fact: When Jon was 48, he and his son hiked the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail on Victoria Island, Canada. This is 47-kilometer intense hike and they encountered two black bears along the way!


vanessa jackson

vice president & Co-Founder

Vanessa and her husband, Jon, lead a non-profit called Crash Movement Ministries, reaching the world with “Love Your Neighbor” Projects, CRASH home gatherings and mentoring young adults. She is also the creator of Destiny by Design, a six-week class for young ladies that can be adapted for ages 16-25. This class identifies an individual’s spiritual gifts along with their passions and calling to what God has designed them to do.

Vanessa is a profit by spiritual gifting and uses this to counsel others. She is passionate about helping people see the truth that Jesus offers. Candidly speaking the truths of the gospel to audiences is her passion and calling. Residing in Lake City, FL, she and Jon are enjoying an empty nest as both of their children are grown and successfully living on their own.