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It is with great excitement and joy that I want to inform you all I will be moving to Honduras in January 2020! This decision is a true testament to God’s faithfulness and following His direction.

For the past six years, I have lived what I call “the dream.” I had the most incredible four-year undergraduate experience at a Christian university that will hold a place in my heart for the rest of my life. The deep friendships, gospel conversations, academic rigor and intellectual challenges will never be forgotten. I then had the fantastic opportunity to work for the university in a recruiting role for two years post-graduation. Everything has been seemingly great these past six years. I have had opportunities to travel around the world, be a part of church planting initiatives in major cities across the U.S., lead bible studies in my home and work a job that I genuinely loved.

Over the past few months, God has shown me what has become an idol in my life. I have been trying my hardest to climb the ladder of what I call, Americanized Christian Leadership. The world is small within churches, ministries, Christian universities, conferences, Parachurch ministries, etc. God has brought me to realize how I have been more in love with being known by people within those spheres of influence, than I am about loving Him and His plan for my life to reach the nations. Basically, I have been pushing international missions to the side the past few years.

One thing holding me back all of these years has been my desire for earthly answers to all of my logistical questions: How will I eat? Where will I live? How much money will this take? God reminded me when reading Matthew 6:25-34, that He will take care of His children. One of the first things that initially pricked my heart was this excerpt from a sermon by Charles Spurgeon in 1873:

“If Jesus is precious to you, you will not be able to keep your good news to yourself; you will be whispering it into your child’s ear; you will be telling it to your husband, you will be earnestly imparting it to your friend; without the charms of eloquence, you will be more than eloquent; your heart will speak, and your eyes will flash as your talk of His sweet love. Every Christian here is either a missionary or an imposter. Recollect that. You either try to spread abroad the kingdom of Christ, or else you do not love Him at all.”

As many of you know, my family and I have been partnered with the Buena Vista Sports Academy (BVSA) for almost ten years. The man I am today, in large part, comes from the way God has molded and shaped me during our partnership in gospel ministry with BVSA.

BVSA exists to take the love of Jesus to tough places, evangelize and disciple young men, pray the Holy Spirit to light them on fire (for Jesus), and expect entire communities to come to Christ as a result. Check out the video below:

I am joining the team to continue the ministry of loving the boys of BVSA Honduras in Jesus’ name! My role in Honduras will be centered on relational evangelism and discipleship of the boys in the academy. I am beyond thrilled to be in an obedient posture of God’s call on my life to GO! Please consider partnering with myself, BVSA Honduras and the mission given to us by Jesus to take the gospel to the nations through prayer and giving!

Please consider partnering with myself, BVSA Honduras and the mission given to us by Jesus to take the gospel to the nations through prayer and giving! I will be praying for you, and I ask of you the same.

In His Grace,
Carter Jackson


Personal Support

While partnering with BVSA, I’ll be relying on support solely from families, friends and churches. In the area of financial support, I’m trusting the Lord to provide partners in ministry as I devote my calling to Honduras. I’m relocating to Honduras in January 2020 and praying to be fully supported by that time.

Personal support covers groceries, Spanish school, car insurance, and all standard monthly bills. My budget has been reviewed and approved by the BVSA Board of Directors.

To help plan my budget and support my missionary journey, please fill out my Commitment Form below and click here to support me directly through PayPal.

You can also mail a check to:

347 SW Kyle Way
Lake City, Florida 32025

Please write the check out to Crash Movement Ministries with "Carter Jackson" in the memo. All donations are tax deductible.

Academy Support

The Academy in Travesia, Honduras, where I’ll be working, functions on its own monthly operational budget. This amount covers feeding all 36 boys and workers every day (over 800 meals per month), paying support staff, and all bills and operating costs for the academy and classroom.

If you would like to help support BVSA Travesia, please click here in order to make a donation directly to them.